Physalis Art – Art of Stefanie Curth

Doki Doki Ragnarok

The current project by BrutalHack(Justice and Tihonov GbR). We are a team of 5 people and this  will be our first commercial game developed from a former GameJam. I am working as lead artist and am responsible for the Concept Art as well as Illustration, UX and UI Design and Animation.



We planed the overall game experience in the whole team. I determined the minimal viable product for the first sprint in Adobe XD.



Concept Art, Illustration and Animation

A lot of the concept work about the look and feel was already settled in the GameJam and another private Jam session. I am reworking  everything to a consistent style. Programs used are mainely Adobe Photoshop but also Procreate and Clip Studio.


Since this game will be published multiplatform , screens from 4:3 till 21:9 need to be deliberated. With this in mind the important parts of the backgrounds are centered.




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