Physalis Art – Art of Stefanie Curth

Game Jams

I am mainly responsible for the whole art process or act as lead artist for 1-2 other artists (listed under the game links).


Privat GameJam 2019: „The Little Vampire“/ 16h/ 1person


Global GameJam 2018: „Doki Doki Ragnarok/ 45h/ 5 people


GameJam 2017: „Shroomy Pleasure„/ 45h/ 4 people


GameJam 2017: „Wanz Upon A Time„/ 45h/ 3 people


GameJam 2016: „Same Procedure As Last Jam„/45h/ 4 people


GameJam 2015: „strange rituals“/ 45h/ 3 people


GameJam 2014: „Hero must DIE“/ 45h/ 4people


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